Hey there!!!

It's so sad to see summer go. But, the one thing we aren't giving up are jewelry tattoos! I am sure you have seen them every where; from the runway, celebrities, on the news, at the beach, or just the fashionista sitting next to you on the subway.

At The House we carry Tribe of Jewel's jewelry tattoo's and they have been flying off of the shelves! 


We love these tattoo's so much because they just add that extra touch to any outfit, and are so easy to apply. These tattoo's are applied like a regular tattoo, and they last up to 6 days. 

In each pack of tattoo's you get four sheets of difference designs, which gives you alot of options !

My personal experience with these have been wonderful, I am always explaining to people what they are, I've even applied them on complete strangers when I was out to lunch!

Pair them with your favorite arm stack for an extra glam look!

Even Beyonce can't get enough of her Tribe of Jewel's !




So, its safe to say we are obsessed with these at The House and we think you should too!

Check them out on our online store, and order a pack today!